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AudioLuxe currently does three things.
1. We Make Stuff

AudioLuxe produces original, engaging and interactive audio programming. We currently have a top-secret program in development, and are starting pre-production on it this summer. Weíre practically beside ourselves with excitement. (Youíll love it too but shhhh! That's all we can say at the moment.)

2. We Help Others Make Stuff
Independent and Established Producers. AudioLuxe works collaboratively with producers who need advice or extra help on special projects, including long-form features, multi-part documentaries, one-offs, entertainment programming and other audio projects.

Podcasters. AudioLuxe makes a special effort to advise and assist podcast hosts and producers with their shows. In fact, weíre pleased to be working one-on-one with established podcasters as they make creative audio that isnít bound by restrictive broadcast schedules or the limited tastes of the broadcast industry. We offer creative consultation on everything podcast: from audio production, content development, host technique and voice coaching, to marketing and distribution.

Public Radio. AudioLuxe scouts and incubates locally produced podcasts and audio programming for online public broadcasting presentation and distribution. We are currently incubating several programs for KQED Interactive, and expect to be working with other stations in the near future.

3. We Teach Others to Make Stuff Without Us

Workshops. We conduct accelerated 2-day and 1-day training programs for podcast enthusiasts as well as independent radio producers and hosts.

Corporate Training. Is your company interested in launching an internal or external podcast or series of podcasts? We coach organizations through the process from start to finish. Phase I includes helping shape program goals, scope, and budget. Phase II covers training and production, including a timeline and checklist to keep programming on schedule, within budget and on-target. We also conduct customized on-site training workshops.

Emerging Producers. AudioLuxe works one-on-one with emerging audio producers as they learn to marshal resources, create audio content, improve their technical skills and ultimately execute their unique creative vision.

We are surprised at how busy we are, but we are always interested in talking to folks about opportunities to work together. If you have a project you think might be right for AudioLuxe, email us at
findoutmore at audioluxe dot org

Our Funding

AudioLuxe is a non-profit start-up. Numbers 2 and 3 on that list of what we do? We do those things because we believe in them. But we also do them to provide a modest (extremely modest) amount of operating revenue while we seek capital funding.

(That thing thatís listed as number 1 on our list? Thatís what we love to do. It will be nice when it pays for itself!)

If you have funding ideas or want to contribute, email us at sharethelove at audioluxe dot org.


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